Pratyhara Yoga

Namaskar, welcome to the study and practice of Pratyhara Yoga.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjalli tell us in verse 1.2:   Yoga begins, when the mind is quiet.

What can this mean?

The primary goal of Yoga as we commonly know it: Poses (asana) and Breathing (pranayama) is to purify and condition the body to be able to maintain the equanimity necessary to begin the meditative process.  While it is predominantly physical, there is no competition in asanas and pranayama.  Their purpose is simply to find breath and sensation and most importantly equanimity, an evenness of mind especially under stress.  Really, each posture is a mini meditation.  They are never about getting anywhere, simply about quieting mind and body. This is pratyhara.  Quiet mind, calm body, clear thought.  Taking the mind outside of everyday life-stress, not buying into any of it, and finding the quiet place.

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